Do I need to buy tickets to FSU Trombone Day?

No, all events are free and open to the public! We just ask that you register before hand so that we have an idea of attendance.

In fact, the Florid State University Symphony Orchestra is providing free tickets to their concert at 7:30 pm after the final Trombone Day Concert. 

Are Lunch and Dinner Provided?

No, we will not be providing any meals, but there are several restaurants near the College of Music. 

Can I play in the group warmup and mass trombone choir? 

Yes, all attendees are encouraged to bring their trombone and participate in the Group Warmup, Mass Trombone Choir Rehearsal, and Mass Trombone Day Concert. 

I will be arriving Friday night, is there anything I can do?

Yes, The Florida State University Symphony Orchestra have a Dress Rehearsal from 7:00-10:00 which is open to the public.

What Should I wear if I am performing in the Mass Participant Trombone Choir.

There is no formal dress code but we do ask that attendees wear dress clothes for the  Participant Choir Concert

What trombone brands will the vendor's bring?

Though this list is not exhaustive, we will have Bach, Conn, Yamaha, Shires, B & S, and Cortious Trombones. 

My child plays trombone and wants to attend, can I stay too?

Yes, we would love to have any and all non trombonists in the audience!