About Trombone Day 

The Florida State University Trombone Day is a free annual event hosted by the Florida State University Trombone Studio.  Each Trombone Day features one or more guest artists, who then lead a group warmup, give masterclasses, perform a solo recital, and conduct the Trombone Day Mass Trombone Choir. 

Guests of all ages and ability levels are encouraged to bring their trombone so they can participate in the group warmup and Mass Trombone Choir Performance. 


We will also be welcoming several instrument vendors to FSU and all attendees are invited to explore the Trombones, accessories, and music which will be available.  More information about our vendors is available HERE.

Trombone Day is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in studying music, learning more about the FSU music college of music, learning more about the trombone studio, learning more about the trombone, or simply playing with and meeting other trombone players. 

While not required for participation, we ask anyone who plans on attending to register so that we can be adequately prepared for the number of attendees.  You can find the link to register HERE

We would also like to thank Conn Selmer inc. for its support of this years event.